Research :

   AJIT Seedless Kagzi Lime :

    - Seedless lime tree bears fruits throughout the year.

    - Higher yield (7532 fruits/ tree). tree per   year.

    - Higher juice percentage (56.70), acidity (7.42%) and   seed per fruit (0.12%), Thin skinned and attractive   color fruits.



   Dual Season Mango :

    - First variety in India which Fruiting twice a year.


    - Attractive colour and pleasant aroma.


    - Good keeping quality. (summer 15-20, winter 20-25   days)


    - High juice percentage with small seed.


   Yogesh Sapota:

- Better taste, Attractive colour, Thin Skin.

- Production round the year.

- Longer keeping/storage quality.

- Almost seedless and Larger size of fruits.

- Yield is 2-3 times more than other varieties.